No matter how careful you are, watch glasses made of plastic or glass get scratched over time due to daily use. This is mainly due to the exposed position of the watch on the wrist - because you can quickly scrape it along the wall of a house or get stuck somewhere else. Unlike a scratch on your glasses, it is usually only the beauty of the watch that is impaired and rarely its functionality. Nevertheless, scratches are simply annoying and you don't want to be reminded of them every day when you look at your watch.

Before you take your beautiful piece to the jeweller for an expensive repair, we have something for you: The polyWatch watch glass polish offers an amazingly simple solution for scratches and scuffs in watch glasses - regardless of whether they are plastic glasses or so-called mineral or sapphire glasses. With the two special polishes polyWatch "Plastic Polish" and "Glass Polish", scratches in watch glasses can be professionally removed quickly and inexpensively.


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